Original Post + Formatting

Hey guys, so I’ve gotten a few questions of “Where do you get free G1 Credits?” (you get them here:http://www.gamersfirst.com/earn_g1c.php) and I’ve noticed people complaining about how they complete offers and they don’t get paid. I figured it’d be best to pool our resources and make a master list of working offers and where you can find them. If you’ve already completed an offer and can’t remember all the details, please list what you remember.

Offer: [Name of offer]
Location: [All/Free/Mobile/Survey/Popular]
Geographic Location: [Your location, state, province, etc]
Payout: [Points attained]
Other Info: [Any other information, such as a requirement to pay, cell phone required, etc.]

Blank template for C+P:
Geographic Location:
Other Info:


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